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Farmington Hills, MI, USA.

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Powertrain Engineer

Powertrain Engineer

Job Description :
  • Setting of control system parameters with respect to energy usage, torque security, emissions, fuel consumption, performance, combustion and diagnostics to reach project requirements.
  • Optimization according to engineering targets regarding performance, engine/vehicle emissions, start ability, secure operationi, and diagnostic functions.
  • Definition of edrive, engine, and vehicle tests needed to reach customer performance requirements.
  • Programming (fine tuning) of test programs for optimization under automatic operation. • Evaluation and presentation of powertrain, engine, and vehicle test results.
  • Verification of engine and vehicle emissions control devices for capability to achieve required emission level.
  • Support of customer and engineers from other department in propulsion and engine performance related topics.
  • BS Degree in Engineering or Science Field. Preferred Qualifications Degree in ME, EE, CE (Computer Engineering) preferred. 1 or more years edrive or engine controls or powertrain experience (experience can include co-op, internship, professional experience, or experience with Formula SAE, Formula Hybrid, SolarCar, FutureCar, EcoCAR or other vehicle).
  • Strong with electrical, mechanical and software controlled systems. Experience with data acquisition tools preferred. Hands-on experience with edrive/engine/electronic system optimizations are a plus.
  • Vehicle related hobbies are a plus.